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Publish and Share a Macro

Note: Macros are available only in LCP. Macros have been deprecated and are not available in the Unified Cloud Platform.


To share one of your Macros with others.

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You can only share a Macro if you have "publisher" permissions on your RightScale account.  See Settings -> User Settings.


Sharing a macro is a convenient and powerful way for partners to wrap up their services and extend it to their customers.  For example, create a Deployment that bundles up customized ServerTemplates and RightScripts that include their own application software. Once built, tested, and proven, sharing a Macro in this manner can jumpstart your customers guaranteeing they head in the right direction with your software and services.

You can only publish a private component that was originally created in your RightScale account. (i.e. It was either created from scratch or cloned.) You cannot publish a component that you imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace (MCM).  A particular version can only be published once.

Although you can publish a HEAD version, it's not a recommended best practice unless you're an advanced user that's actively developing and testing it across multiple RightScale accounts. It's recommended that you only publish and share committed revisions of a component.


  1. Navigate to Design -> Macros in the RightScale Dashboard.
  2. Select the macro that you want to share.
  3. Before you publish a macro, it's strongly recommended that you first lock the macro.  See Lock or Unlock a Macro.
  4. Click the Publish to MultiCloud Marketplace action button. For details on how to use the publishing wizard to complete the sharing process, see the Using the Publishing Assistant tutorial for details.
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