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Cookbook States

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Once imported to RightScale, cookbooks have a state. A cookbook's state does not govern how the cookbook functions; state determines how and when the cookbook can be updated and in which UI contexts the cookbook can be selected.


Below is a table that displays the various states a cookbook can have. 

State Effect Namespace
normal This is the default status of a cookbook. When a cookbook is imported into your account, this is the status it will have.    Primary and Alternate
Frozen  This means the cookbook cannot be re-imported or modified. This only applies to cookbooks in the primary namespace. For more information, see Primary and Alternate Namespaces. Primary
Followed This means that RightScale will periodically scrape the source repository and update the cookbook content when it changes in the repository. If a new version of the cookbook appears in the source repository (as defined in the Chef metadata), the new version will be automatically imported into the alternate namespace as well. Only cookbooks in the alternate namespace can be followed. For more information, see Primary and Alternate Namespaces. Alternate

A cookbook marked as obsolete means that a cookbook will only appear in the cookbooks section of RightScale. Obsolete cookbooks will not appear when adding cookbooks to a ServerTemplate or in other indexes or listings. 

Note: If a the cookbook has already been added to a ServerTemplate, this does not remove it.

Primary and Alternate

You can use action buttons after selecting a cookbook to transition between various states:


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