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View a Cookbook

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When you view a cookbook in RightScale, you are seeing the information of a cookbook that has been imported into your account from the Repositories section of RightScale.


  1. Go to Design > Cookbooks and select the cookbook you want to view.
  2. Click on the version of the cookbook.
  3. Drop-downs will display that contain various information about the cookbook: InfoRecipes, and Attributes.


The Info section shows information of the cookbook that was defined when the cookbook was fetched from a repository and imported into RightScale.


  • Version: The cookbook name and version.
  • Namespace: Cookbooks in your account belongs to either a primary or alternate namespace. In the primary namespace, there can be only one cookbook with the same name and version. In the alternate namespace, cookbooks can share the same name and version if they come from a different source. For more information, see Primary and Alternate Namespaces.
  • Summary: The summary provides a brief overview of the cookbook.
  • Long Description: This is a more detailed description of the cookbook. If the cookbook contains a README markdown (.md) file, this is where that information will display. If not, this field will be blank.
  • Last Updated: The date and time at which the cookbook was last updated. This information is based on the last time that RightScale fetched data from the repository.
  • Source: Indicates the location from which the cookbook was imported.
  • Status: The status can be one of the following:
    • Normal: This is the default status of a cookbook. When a cookbook is imported into your account, this is the status it will have.  
    • Follow (alternate namespace only): RightScale periodically scrapes the source repository and updates the cookbook content when it changes in the repository. If a new version of the cookbook appears in the source repository (as defined in the Chef metadata), the new version will be automatically imported into the alternate namespace as well.
    • Frozen (primary namespace only): A frozen cookbook cannot be be re-imported or modified.
    • Obsolete: Obsolete cookbooks will only appear in the cookbooks section of RightScale. They will not appear when adding cookbooks to a ServerTemplate or in other indexes or listings.  


The Recipes section list all the recipes that are located inside the cookbook. A recipe is a script written in Chef's domain-specific language (DSL) that can be used to run in a ServerTemplate. A ServerTemplate consists of scripts that are either RightScripts or recipes. Similar to RightScripts, recipes support variable substitution where inputs (or attributes) allow a user to define values that will be used when the script is executed. A recipe can also contain resources that are located in other cookbooks.


In this section, you can see the list of recipe names and a summary of the recipes in the cookbook. 




The Attributes section lists all the attributes that are located in the cookbook. Attributes display as user-configurable inputs in the RightScale dashboard. Attributes are most commonly used in recipes. In order for attributes to be displayed in the dashboard, they must be properly documented in the Chef metadata (metadata.rb).


In this section, you see the attribute, if it's optional or required when the script runs in the dashboard, what values are set by default, what recipes use the attribute, and a description of the attribute. 



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