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Freeze a Cookbook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


When you freeze a cookbook, the cookbook can't be modified. Any changes to the cookbook must be imported as a new version. You can only freeze a cookbook in the primary namespace. Primary namespace cookbooks are generally brought over from your own repositories.


  1. Go to Design > Cookbooks and select the cookbook you want to freeze. You can only freeze a cookbook in the primary namespace. For more information, see Primary and Alternate Namespaces.  
  2. Select the cookbook version or versions you would like to freeze. 
  3. From the Actions drop-down, select Freeze.




  1. A confirmation will ask if you want to freeze the selected cookbook or cookbooks. You can only freeze cookbooks in a primary namespace. Additionally, you can only apply one status at a time to a cookbook. For example, if a cookbook is marked as obsolete, this will change the status to frozen.



  1. Select Ok.
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