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Update Default Alert Escalations

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To update the default Alert Escalations that are automatically preconfigured in each RightScale account to be more appropriately configured for a RightScale account.


By default, a RightScale account is preconfigured with three Alert Escalations that are available for use across all deployments. (Design > Alert Escalations)

  • critical
  • default
  • warning



If you are using ServerTemplates published by RightScale to launch servers, you will notice that each ServerTemplate has a number of preconfigured alert specifications that leverage the critical and warning Alert Escalations. For this reason, it's not recommended to delete those two escalations otherwise the default escalation will be used instead.

However, it is recommended that the administrator of the RightScale account update/change these preconfigured alert escalations to be appropriately customized for your account. There are two different ways to customize your Alert Escalations. 


Update Existing Alert Escalations

  1. Go to Design > Alert Escalations.
  2. Select the one that you want to modify. 
  3. Click the Actions tab and edit the predefined action. Typically, most users opt to change the email address that's associated with each of the default Alert Escalations. By default, the email address that's associated with the escalations is based upon the person (email) who created the RightScale account. Therefore, you might prefer to change the email address to an alias instead. (e.g.


  1. (Optional) Add additional actions, as necessary. 
    • reboot_server - Software reboot of the server.
    • relaunch_server - Terminates the current running server and launches a brand new server in its place.
    • run_right_script - Executes a RightScript from your script library. Note: Execution of Chef recipes is currently not supported.
  2. Repeat the steps above to modify other Alert Escalations. 

Override Default Alert Escalations

If you are using the same ServerTemplates (that are using the same Alert Escalations), but want to define a different set of actions based upon the deployment in which those Alert Escalations are triggered, create deployment-specific ones using an override.

See Override Alert Escalations.








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