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Account Library

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RightScale components that have been imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace are shown here. For each component (ServerTemplate, RightScript, MultiCloud Images and Macros) the Total imports and whether or not there are Updates available is displayed on the Info tab. Select the component tab or associated hyperlink to see detailed information about previously imported components. In order to view this section you must have 'designer' user role privileges.

The following information is displayed:

  • Name*
  • Publisher*
  • Imported At*
  • Revision
  • Revision Notes
  • Update Available
  • Update Revision Notes (not displayed by default)
  • Xref - Shows the number of Servers and/or Server Arrays. If there are any, the entry is a hyperlink to the Design > ServerTemplates > Xref tab (which shows Server and Server Array information)
  • Actions - If updates are available, you can click the Import or Diff action links to either import the newer version or get a full description of the differences between your current version and the upgraded version.

Macros* do not support versions, hence only these fields can be displayed.

You can filter the results either by the Name or Publisher. Checking the 'show imports with updates' will display only the RightScale components that have updates available. Available updates are indicated with a yellow sphere. Hover over the yellow sphere for a summary of update information, including the Revision Notes.

Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > Your Imports
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