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Your Publishing Organization


To fill out information about your organization (such as your company name, email address, and logo) that can be subsequently used in the publishing process (by the Publishing Assistant).  End users will see this information tied to your organization when looking at objects you publish to the MultiCloud Marketplace.

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Requires 'publisher' role on your account.  See the User Role Privileges table for more information.


  • Navigate to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> Your Publishing Organization
  • Fill out the following fields:
    • Organization name (required)
    • Organization email (required)
    • Welcome Message
    • Support Message
    • Small logo - Must be less than 30Kb to upload.  (Max. Dimensions: 32x32 pixels)
    • Large logo - Must be less than 30Kb to upload.  (Max. Dimensions: 64x64 pixels)
    • Note:  JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats are supported for logos.
  • Once saved, click the Edit action button to make changes.

Your Publishing Organization should look similar to this:


Post Tutorial Steps

  • You can navigate back and make subsequent edits as needed, either to the text, or logos, etc.

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