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Update Your Imports


To compare and/or import newer revisions of RightScale components (e.g. ServerTemplates, RightScripts, or MultiCloud Images) that are available in the MultiCloud Marketplace (MCM). 

Note: Since macros do not have the same version control system as ServerTemplate and RightScripts, you will not have the option to import newer versions because that feature does not apply to macros.

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  • 'designer' user role privileges
  • 'library' user role privileges are required to import a newer revision from the MCM.


Occassionally developers will publish newer versions of their RightScale components and make them available in the MultiCloud Marketplace. For example, RightScale publishes newer revisions of their most popular ServerTemplates several times throughout the year, which often include bug fixes, new cloud support, and overall performance enhancements. In order to take advantage of these new components, you will need to first import them from the MCM.

It is your responsibility to determine whether or not to import the newer revisions and use them in your account.

Note: Typically, the most common way to import the most recent revision of a RightScript or MultiCloud Image is from the context of a ServerTemplate.


  1. Go to Design -> Account Library -> Your Imports.
  2. The Overview tab provides a summary of what updates are available for each of the RightScale components that are available in the MCM.
  3. Click one of the RightScale component tabs to view a more detailed summary.
  4. Any imported components that have newer revisions available in the MCM will be highlighted with orange spheres. You can click the "Show imports with updates" filter option and click Apply to only view the ServerTemplates with orange spheres. The screenshot below shows an example for updating ServerTemplates.
  5. To compare the most recently imported revision of a component in your RightScale account with the newest revision that is available in the MCM, click the Diff action text link.
  6. Click the Import action text link if you want to import the newest revision into your RightScale account. Note: 'library' user role privileges are required to perform this action. 
  7. Next, you will need to decide how to upgrade the related servers, server arrays, or RightScale components to use the newest versions. It is recommended that you develop a migration strategy before you perform any global updates.

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