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Deprecate a Published Component


To deprecate a previously published RightScale component (e.g. ServerTemplate, RightScript, or MultiCloud Image) so that it no longer appears visible in the MultiCloud Marketplace or importable as a standalone component.

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  • 'publisher' user role privileges
  • a published RightScale component that's either publicly or privately shared and active (visible) in the MultiCloud Marketplace. 


If you've previously published a RightScale component and now have an updated revision of the component that you want to publish, you may want to deprecate the old one so that new users will only be able to import your latest version. 

What happens when you deprecate a RightScale component?

When you deprecate a RightScale component, you're only affecting the visibility of that component in the MultiCloud Marketplace.  Deprecated components will no longer be visible in the MultiCloud Marketplace nor will they be importable for new users.  However, a deprecated component will still be usable if required by a Macro.  For example, a user might have previously subscribed to a Macro from the MultiCloud Marketplace that uses a couple different ServerTemplates to create the Servers in a Deployment.  A user will still be able to successfully run the Macro to create the Deployment even if those ServerTemplates have been deprecated.  Remember, a Macro will only import the required ServerTemplates, etc. when it's run.  The same rules apply to ServerTemplates.  If a published ServerTemplate is active in the MultiCloud Marketplace and it references a deprecated MCI, the MCI will be imported when the ServerTemplate is imported.  However, that MCI will not be importable as a standalone component.

Note:  If a component belongs to multiple Account Groups, it cannot be deprecated from one Account Group and active in another.  A component can either be active or deprecated.  Its status applies to all Account Groups in which it's a member.

Deprecate vs. Remove

In order to preserve the functionality of a Macro, you should deprecate its related components instead of removing it from an Account Group or deleting the Account Group(s) that contain those components.   When you delete an Account Group, any components in the Account Group will be removed, not deprecated, which could potentially cause errors.  Deprecated components will not break any dependencies.


Go to Design -> Account Library -> Your Publications.  Under the appropriate tab (e.g. ServerTemplate, RightScripts, etc.), click the nickname of the component you wish to deprecate.

Under the "Deprecation Status" row, click the Deprecate text link.


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