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Create a New EULA


Create a new End User License Agreement (EULA) that can later be attached to a RightScale component (e.g. ServerTemplate) during the publication process.

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Creation and management of EULAs requires 'library' and 'publisher'  User Roles.



  • Navigate to Design -> Account Library -> Your EULAs
  • Click the New action button

Add and Format content

  • Name your EULA
    • The Name is for the publishers benefit, it is not seen by the end-user who accepts the EULA before they can import the component (e.g. ServerTemplate)
    • 50 character limit
  • Enter the text (content body) of your EULA.  Most will want to copy/paste existing EULAs into this field.
    • There is a 500k character limit
    • Basic markdown formatting can be used


  • Click the Preview action button to see what the end user would be presented prior to acceptance.  It is likely you will have to go through a few iterations (change/preview) before saving your EULA.
  • Note:  The preview window includes an acceptance checkbox.  This is functional for end users but only for display purposes here.


Save and View EULA Information

  • Click the Save action button to save your EULA
  • You will be placed on the Info tab of your new EULA.  Note the following fields and Tab level information:
    • Fields
      • Created On - Date/time stamp of creation
      • Revision - EULAs support basic revisions. A newly created EULA will always be revision 1 [rev 1].  See the Revisions tab for complete Revision, Created At timestamp and a Used by tally.
      • Used By * - Total tally of all revisions of this EULA being used by published ServerTemplates.

* The specifics of the Used By column may seem a bit confusing at first.  The key is to realize that this column of the table is a tally of all revisions.  If you select the individual EULA, and sum up the Used by total for each revision, that is where the total tally comes from.  Consider the following basic example:

  • You create a EULA named "Acme Software Co."
  • Over time, you create 3 revisions of this EULA.
  • The first revision was attached to three ServerTemplates (ServerTemplate A, B and C) while publishing the templates
  • The second revision was attached just once to ServerTemplateD during publishing
  • The third revision was attached to two ServerTemplates (ServerTemplate E and F) during publishing
  • The Used By  total on the Design -> Account Library -> Your EULAS -> Acme Software Co. will be 6 (3 + 1 + 2)
    • Select each revision of the EULA to see the individual revision totals
    • Select the Xref tab to see what ServerTemplates the EULA is attached to (in our example, there will be 6 entries in the table)
    • Select the Revisions tab to see when the different EULA revisions were created, and how many ServerTemplates they are attached to

Viewing all EULAs

Viewing your EULAs is extremely easy.  Navigate to Design -> Account Library -> Your EULAs.  This is sometimes referred to the EULAs Index page.

EULAs are listed in two tables:

  1. EULAs - EULAs listed here are said to be unarchived, or active EULAs.
  2. Archived EULAs - Previously active EULAs that were explicity archived are listed here.
  • If you archive an active EULA, it is moved to the Archived EULAs table.  (Note: You cannot delete a EULA)
  • If you unarchive an EULA, it is moved back to the standard EULAs table.
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