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Attach a EULA


Attach an End User License Agreement (EULA) to an RightScale component (e.g. a ServerTemplate*).


Requires 'library' and 'publisher'  User Roles


This tutorial will attach a single EULA to an unpublished ServerTemplate.  More than one EULA can be attached, by selecting multiple EULA checkboxes as discussed in the Steps section below.

* Only ServerTemplates are currently supported when attaching EULAs.  In the future, it's likely that you'll be able to attach EULAs to other publishable components (such as RightScripts and Macros).



  • Navigate to Design -> ServerTemplates
  • Select the ServerTemplate you want to attach a EULA to.  This could be a brand new ServerTemplate, or a previously attached ServerTemplate... it really does not matter as long as you commit and publish the ServerTemplate you want (to attach a EULA to).


  • Click the Commit action button
  • Fill out the Message field and click the Commit button. (For more information, see the Commit a ServerTemplate tutorial.)
  • You should have an additional revision for that ServerTemplate


  • Click the Publish to Library action button.  (Reminder: You must select a non-HEAD revision in order to attach a EULA.)
  • You will be presented with a list of Existing EULAs similar to the following:


  • Check each EULA that you want attached to the ServerTemplate.  (Acme Software Co.)
    • Optional:  You can add more EULAs by selecting the Add EULA action buton.
    • Warning:  If your ServerTemplate is not part of a Sharing Group you will be notified and have to add it to one before proceeding.
  • Click the Publish action button when ready

Post Tutorial Steps

To test the remainder of the process surrounding EULAs, try importing a published ServerTemplate that has one or more EULAs attached to it.  This is exactly the user experience the end user of your ServerTemplate would experience. 


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