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Archive or Unarchive a EULA


To archive (or unarchive) an existing End User License Agreement (EULA)


It is important to note that you cannot delete a EULA. However, you can archive them.  A basic understanding of the following scenario will help illustrate why you cannot delete a EULA. Once a EULA is created, it can be attached to multiple ServerTemplates. Once those ServerTemplates are imported and accepted by an end user, the exact license agreement needs to be recorded. If the EULA was deleted, the ability to tie the exact EULA to a given ServerTemplate would be lost. 

However, you can archive an existing EULA. Archived EULAs cannot be attached to ServerTemplates. However, they can be unarchived and attached to a ServerTemplate. 

Important!  When you archive a EULA, you are archiving the EULA's entire lineage (i.e. all revisions).  For example, if you archive revision 4 of a EULA, revisions 3, 2 and 1 are also archived.  Similarly, when you unarchive a EULA, the entire lineage is unarchived.


Archive a EULA

  • Navigate to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> Your EULAs
  • There are two ways to archive a EULA
    1. Click the archive action link for the EULA you want to archive.
    2. Or if you are viewing an individual EULA's show page, you can click the Archive action button.

When you archive a EULA, it is moved from the "EULAs" table to the "Archived EULAs" table.

If you have many EULAs, use the "Filter by Name" option to help find the one you need.


Unarchive a EULA

As mentioned earlier, EULAs cannot be deleted but they can be archived. If you ever need to use a previously archived EULA, simply click the Unarchive action link of the specific EULA in the Archived EULAs table. All revisions of that EULA will become active.


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