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Accept a EULA


Accept an End User License Agreement that was previously attached to a ServerTemplate in the MultiCloud Marketplace.


When an end user Imports a ServerTemplate that has one or more EULAs attached to it, they must select the "accept" checkbox for each EULA before proceeding.  If any "accept" checkbox is not selected then the ServerTemplate will not be imported to the local view.



  • Navigate to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> ServerTemplates
  • Search/Select the ServerTemplate you wish to import


  • Click the Import action button
  • For each EULA attached to the ServerTemplate, you will be presented with the actual EULA text body.  An example End User License Agreement will look similar to this:


  • You must select the "accept" checkbox before proceeding.  If you do not, you will receive a message similar to the following:
Please review the agreement and select the checkbox above to continue.

Post Tutorial Steps

Viewing Additional EULA Information

Publishers can view additional EULAs information.  accepted all EULAs and proceeded with the import process from the MultiCloud Marketplace, notice the EULAs will be listed here:


  • Navigate to Design -> Account Library -> Your Publications
  • Note the EULAs column in the table.  Use the Filter by EULAs option if the table is quite large.  (For example, you can find all EULAs named "Acme Software Co." that were accepted.)
  • Select the ServerTemplate name you are interested in for more detailed information (based on the EULAs column)
    • The Info tab lists the number of attached EULAs
    • Click the EULAs tab to find out more detailed information
      • The EULA name and version is displayed
      • You can select the EULA name (link) and the Preview action button to see the specific EULA content, revision information, when it was created, how many ServerTemplates use the EULA, etc.


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