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Dashboard Translation Guide

Table of Contents

"Translation Showdown"

To celebrate the launch of community-submitted translations, we'll be giving away an Amazon Wi-Fi Kindle to the top translator for the following languages: German, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Korean. Once 80% of the phrases have been translated in a given language (this percentage is easily viewable in the top-right drop down of the translation center), we'll choose the 'top translator' using two metrics - a respectable position on the "Awards" tab for the language, and a review by a contracted professional translator. We will use the information associated with your RightScale account to contact you. Thanks for your help, and get started by reading the guide below!


The RightScale Dashboard translation center is based around the idea of crowd-sourced translations. Each translation key can have multiple translations and anyone can vote on existing translations. Translators automatically vote on any translations they submit, and they can actually remove that vote by voting their own translation down. Ultimately, we hope this will give you better translations than a contracted professional translator, because our users who have the most context will provide a bulk of the translations. You can access the translation center through the "Help Us Translate" link at the footer or the Dashboard or enter directly here.

Translation Dashboard 

The Dashboard view in the translation center shows overview information about your translation activity. You will be able to view your rank based on your translations that have been contributed and voted on by the translation community. You will have one vote per translation, including your own. You will be able to view the languages you have participated in translating, as well as a breakdown of how your translations have fared according to votes by the community. You will also be able to view the statistics for your languages, including how much of it has been translated and the volume of translations you have contributed to that particular language.




The Phrases tab lists all translatable and the top translations for each phrase. This is where you will spend most of your time when using the translation center.


  • Use the "translate it" link on the far right of each phrase to add a translation. Alternatively, you can right-click on the phrase to translate it inline.
  • To suggest an alternative translation, click on the phrase. You can then either vote up an alternative translation that someone has already suggested, or add your own by clicking on "add your own translation."
  • You can search for a specific English phrase or use the filters to find specific types of phrases, such as all phrases without translations or all phrases with approved translations.
  • You can also add comments to phrases. This is helpful if you want to record where that phrase appears in the RightScale Dashboard.
  • Finally, if you discover any abusive content, you can click on the red exclamation point to report and remove that content.

Viewing Translations

You can view top-rated translations for any language in the system in real-time. Simply click on the "Languages" link in the footer of the translation center. Then, click on the language you wish to view the dashboard in. You may want to open this in a new tab so that you can refresh the RightScale Dashboard as you make additional translations.


To begin, follow this simple process to add and review your translations:

  • First, use the dropdown menu in the upper-right area of the page to select a language you would like to translate to from English.
  • Click the Phrases tab to browse the phrases available for translation.
    • For non-translated phrases, click on the "translate it" link to provide a translation.
    • For translated phrases, vote them up or down or click on the phrase and add a new translation to be voted on by the community.
  • To view translations within the RightScale Dashboard, go to the "Languages" link in the footer of the translation center, and click on the language you wish to view.


Gender-Specific Translations

If a language has context rules pertaining to gender, click the link under "Translation Tokens"




Translating the Translation Center

You can also translate the translation center to make it easier for other native speakers to help. If you want to translate the translation center, click the "enable inline translations link" in the top-right drop-down. Use the same link to disable center translations.

When you enable inline translations you will notice that all translatable phrases within the center are underlined in various colors:

  •     Red - The phrase has not yet been translated for this language
  •     Yellow - The phrase has been translated in a fallback language
  •     Green - The phrase has been translated into this language

Right-click on the phrase to translate it, or to vote on an existing translation.




General Availability for Translations

Once we receive a high percentage of phrases translated for a given language, we will work with outside professional translators to review the submissions and lock the phrases that are considered complete.  When this occurs, we will make the translation available in the drop-down selector of the Dashboard for everyone to use.

See also

For more information on each component of the translation system, utilize the list of items in the left pane in the Help tab of the translation center to learn more about each item.



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