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Create a new Instance

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To create a new Instance in the Cloud so you can launch it and use it for various purposes.


  • Navigate to Clouds > CloudName > Instances
  • Click the New action button and fill out the field information.  (Use the information below for additional information if needed.)
  • Click the Launch action button when ready to launch your new instance.

Create a new instance (virtual machine) in the cloud. Before you can launch the instance, you will need to provide a Name and the following information:

  • Image - What image the new instance should use, boot from, etc.
  • Instance Type - Generically speaking, the size of the instance. Typically includes compute resources such as the amount of CPU, memory, and ephemeral storage.
  • Security Group(s) - Select one or more Security Groups. Security Groups are firewalls in the cloud supporting various inbound networking rules (such as allow/deny access to various ports, protocols, IP addresses, other Security Groups,etc.).
  • Datacenter / Zone - A regional datacenter in the cloud (Datacenter and Zone are synonymous). A cloud will often have multiple Datacenters which can help when architecting a highly available Deployment. For example, a US based cloud with 4 Datacenters might be North, South, East and West.
Clouds > Cloud > Instances > New

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