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Set Instance Type Prices


To set your own pricing on your Private Cloud. 


  • 'admin' user permissions in the RightScale account to which the private cloud is registered. Any user with 'admin' user permissions can set pricing information for Instance Types in private clouds. 


Private Clouds now have the ability to set their own pricing on Instance Types.  For example, you can change the associated cost of a large instance type from a dime to .12/hour from the RightScale Dashboard.


  • Navigate to CloudsCloudName Instance Types.  The current Name, Estimated Pricing, Resource UID for the Instance Types, etc. are all displayed.
  • Select the Change Pricing action button.  The current prices are displayed with editable fields.
    • Note:  If you do not see a Change Pricing action button, you are not the cloud owner.  Only the cloud owner can change the pricing scheme.
  • Set or modify the pricing per hour fields as needed.  For example, you could set:
    • Small Instance Type to .08/hour
    • Medium to .10/hour
    • Large to .12/hour
  • Click the Save action button when ready

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