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Create a New (Public) IP Address

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To create a new public IP address that can be assigned to a server at launch time or remapped to a running server. 


The use of public IP addresses is strongly recommended for public facing servers that should be accessible over TCP 80 (HTTP access). For example, if you are using dedicated HAProxy load balancer servers, you should create an IP address for each load balancer server and associate a remappable IP address to each one. This way, you can create a DNS record that points to the same public IP address, but you have the flexibility to change the underlying instance that it's actually pointing to at any given time, which is useful for failover and lifecycle management scenarios.


  • Navigate to Clouds > CloudName > IP Addresses
  • Click the New action button
  • You are prompted for the Name of the IP Address.
  • Click the Create action button when ready.  A message from the cloud provider should confirm creation or display an error.


Note: The Name is typically the same as the actual IP address that was pulled from a pool of addresses supplied by the cloud provider.  (That is, reflects the address in standard dot notation.)  If the Name is not explicitly set it will be set it to the IP Address automatically.

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