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Launch Instances in a VPC


Due to RightScale Legacy Platform deprecation, this section covering Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) is no longer valid. Please see the Network Manager section for current information on creating and managing AWS VPCs.

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To launch Instances in your VPC. 


There are two ways to launch instances.  (Navigation-wise you can launch them from the Cloud or from your VPC.  The methods are detailed below.)

Method 1: Launching an instance in your VPC

  • Navigate to Clouds > Your AWS Region > VPCs
  • Select the appropriate VPC and navigate to the Subnets tab
  • Select the appropriate Subnet to launch (there could be one or more, depending on your configuration)
  • Select the Launch VPC Instance action button

An example screenshot is shown below:


Method 2: Launching an Instance in your VPC

When creating a new EC2 Instance, you can specify the VPC Subnet you wish to launch it into. 

  • Navigate to Clouds > your AWS Region > Instances and select the New button
  • In addition to the fields that you are accustomed to filling out (e.g. image, nickname, instance size, etc.) you can now specify the following field:
  • VPC Subnet:
    • Select the existing VPC Subnets from a drop down list of subnets you have already created
    • Note:  If you select a VPC Subnet, the Security Group and Availability Zone fields will disappear.  (They are not supported for Instances in a VPC subnet.  Please see example screen shot below, which has now Security Group or Availability Zone because a VPC Subnet was specified.


  • Select the Launch button when ready

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