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Create and Launch the VPC NAT Host

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The NAT Host allows servers in private VPC subnets to communicate outside of the VPC, which is necessary for private servers to reach RightScale servers in order to complete the booting process and to provide admin access. Applications that make API calls to remote services also need internet access.  This server can also be used as a jump/bastion host to gain access to your private servers.  


  1. Go to the MultiCloud Marketplace (Design > MultiCloud Marketplace) and Import AWS VPC NAT ServerTemplate  into your account. You can also import using this link:

  2. Add the server to your deployment. (See Add a Server to a Deployment)

  3. On the Server Details page, change the following settings

    1. Edit the Server Name.

    2. Under VPC Subnet, select one of the public VPC subnets.

    3. Check the NAT Enabled box

    4. Select the security group that you created earlier (For example, 'NatHost').

    5. Attach an Elastic IP.

  4. Confirm and launch server.



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