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Create a VPC v2 Elastic IP

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Due to RightScale Legacy Platform deprecation, this section covering Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) is no longer valid. Please see the Network Manager section for current information on creating and managing AWS VPCs.

Table of Contents


  • VPC v2 will only be visible for paid RightScale accounts that have signed up for the AWS VPC service on Amazon.


An EIP is required for an instance to communicate with the Internet. You create a VPC EIP through the Dashboard the same way you create a standard EIP, except you click the New VPC EIP button.

Note: The limit for EC2 EIPs and VPC EIPs are both 5, and are counted separately. You may have up to 5 for each. To increase these limits, you may fill out an Amazon Request Limit form.


You must first create the VPC EIP for the VPC, and then associate it with an instance in your VPC.

Note: This VPC EIP can be re-assigned only to another instance within either the same VPC or another VPC.

  • Navigate to Clouds > AWS Region > Ec2 Elastic IPs
  • Click New VPC EIP.
  • (Optional) It's recommended that you change the default '-changeme-' name to be more descriptive.




This new VPC EIP is now available to be assigned to a VPC instance when you add a server to the VPC.

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