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Create a VPC v2 DHCP


Due to RightScale Legacy Platform deprecation, this section covering Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) is no longer valid. Please see the Network Manager section for current information on creating and managing AWS VPCs.

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  • VPC v2 will only be visible for paid RightScale accounts that have signed up for the AWS VPC service on Amazon.


To create your DHCP options for automated IP addressing in your VPC. 


Instances you launch within your VPC utilize private (not public) IP addresses.  By default, all instances launched within your VPC receive an unresolvable hostname assigned by AWS.  That is, AWS does not create DNS entries for instances launched in your VPC.  You can however specify your own Domain name (e.g. and use up to four of your own domain name servers.  In order to do so, you must create DHCP options.  DHCP options are treated as a "set" of information.  (See Step 1 below for the information set.)  The RightScale Dashboard will help you create the information set as detailed in Step 1 below, then associate that information set with a VPC.

Important!  IP addresses are assigned by AWS, you cannot reach across your VPN connection and use your own DHCP servers to assign IP addresses for Instances being launched in your VPC/subnet.

Note that DHCP Options are optional.  If you do not create and associate your own DHCP Options with your Virtual Private Cloud, defaults will be used.  In fact, you cannot specify DHCP Options when you first create your VPC.  The default values are used.  If you do not create and associate your own DHCP Options the following default values apply:

  • Standard EC2 host name
  • No domain name
  • No DNS server
  • No NTP server
  • No NetBIOS server
  • No NetBIOS node type


  • Navigate to Clouds > AWS Region > VPC DHCP Options > New
  • You will need to fill out the fields below.  Notice the (?) icon by each field.  It has additional information for each field in the DHCP options information set.




  • Name - Name your DHCP Options.
  • Domain name - Specify your domain name, for example
  • Domain name servers - AWS has established a limit of four (comma separated) addresses.
  • Ntp servers - AWS has established a limit of four (comma separated) addresses
  • Netbios name servers - AWS has established a limit of four (comma separated) addresses
  • Netbios node type - Amazon recommends that you only use two (2) at this time. (Broadcast and multicast are currently not supported.)  For more information, see RFC 2132.
  • Description - Enter a helpful description that describes the DHCP option.
  • Select the Create action button when ready.

Important!  Once you create DHCP options, AWS does not allow you to change individual options.  You can however create a new set of DHCP options and associate it with your VPC.

Post Tutorial Steps

  • A temporary name of '-changeme-' was allocated for you.  You should however go back and change that to an appropriate name.  Select the 'changeme' hyperlink and type in a new name.
  • Associate your DHCP options with a VPC.
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