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New VPN Connection


To create a new VPN connection between your AWS VPC and your private corporate network.


Your VPN connection requires that the following network endpoints are already exist:

  • Customer Gateway
  • VPN Gateway

When Customer and VPN Gateways are created in EC2 a unique ID is issued for each.  When you create the VPN Connection from the Dashboard UI the unique ID's are automatically provided for you in a drop down menu.  (Making the steps to create your connection even easier.)


Step 1:  Navigation

  • Navigate to Clouds -> AWS US/EU -> VPCs
  • Select the Gateways tab

Step 2:  Provide VPN Connection information

  • Select the New VPN Connection action button
  • Provide the following information
    • Type - The type of VPN network connection.  (Although there is no default value, only IPsec is currently supported so "ipsec.1" is prepopulated for you.)
    • Customer gateway id - Select the correct Customer Gateway ID from the drop down menu
    • VPN gateway id - Select the correct VPN Gateway ID from the drop down menu

Step 3:  Save your configuration

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