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New Customer Gateway


Due to RightScale Legacy Platform deprecation, this section covering Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) is no longer valid. Please see the Network Manager section for current information on creating and managing AWS VPCs.


Create a new customer gateway.  You have to supply the information required so that the corporate side of the network connection can be reached.

Background Information

Also consider the following as you setup your network connections:

  • Your gateway cannot sit behind a NAT device
  • AWS may remove any customer created gateway that remains inactive for a long period of time (where inactive means that there is no VPN connection in use with the customer gateway).


Step 1:  Navigation

  • Navigate to Clouds -> AWS US/EU -> VPCs
  • Select the VPC (most only have one VPC)
  • Select the Gateways tab

Step 2:  Supply the Customer Gateway information

  • Select the New customer gateway action button
  • Provide the following information:
    • Type - The type of network connection.  (Although there is no default value, only IPsec is currently supported so "ipsec.1" is prepopulated for you.)
    • IP Address - A static, publicly routable IP address of your gateway's external interface.  (No default)
    • BgpAsn - Your gateway's Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System Number (ASN).  you may use an existing ASN assigned to your network. If you do not have an ASN already assigned, you can use a private ASN (in the 64512 - 65534 range). (No default)

Step 3:  Save your configuration

  • When ready, select the Create action button

If you have exceeded the allowed limit for customer gateways, you will receive a flash message similar to the following:

CustomerGatewayLimitExceeded: The maximum number of customer gateways has been reached. 

Note: Currently there is no way to edit existing customer gateway configurations.  You can create new ones and delete old ones however.

Post Tutorial steps

Create a New VPN gateway (if not already completed) and a New VPN Connection

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