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Reserved Instances

Note: This feature is only compatible for Legacy Cloud Platform users. If you are on Unified Cloud Platform, you cannot yet use this feature. If you are unsure of whether you have access, contact your account manager or

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EC2 Reserved Instances is an additional pricing offering from Amazon which can help you reduce computing costs by paying a one-time payment to reserve compute capacity at a lower pricing rate. Reserved Instances are valid for one year from the time of purchase. When purchasing a Reserved Instance, you must select a specific availability zone and instance type. You must have 'admin' role privileges on a non-subaccount RightScale account to view and purchase Reserved Instances.

Action Buttons

  • Buy Reserved Instances - Click to view all of the available Reserved Instance offerings available for purchase


  • Duration - Length of time allotted for the purchased Reserved Instance
  • Description - Operating System for the Reserved Instance
  • Instance type - The size of the Instance
  • Availability Zone - The availability zone of the Reserved Instance
  • Usage price - Price of the Reserved Instance per hour
  • Fixed price - Cost of the Reserved Instance
  • ID - Unique identifier of the Reserved Instance
  • Instance Count - Quantity of the Reserved Instance
  • State - State of your Reserved Instance being in use or not.
  • Expires in - Days until your Reserved Instance expires

See Amazon for more information.

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