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Create a New RDS Subnet Group


To create a new RDS database subnet group for your AWS VPC.


When you create a database instance inside an Amazon VPC, you will need to define a DB Subnet Group. Then your database will use that Subnet group and the preferred Availability Zone to select a subnet and an IP address within that subnet. Note that each database Subnet Group should have at least one subnet for every Availability Zone in a given Amazon Region.


Step 1:  Navigation

  • Navigate to:  Clouds > AWS region > RDS Subnet Groups

Step 2:  Create and save your group

To create a new RDS Subnet Group, specify the following parameters:

  • Group name - Provide a name for the security group. It must begin with a letter; must contain only ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens; and must not end with a hyphen or contain two consecutive hyphens.
  • Group description - Brief description about the security group. (Required)
  • VPC - The Virtual Private Cloud you would like to associate to this group.
Clouds > AWS Region > RDS Subnet Groups > New

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