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Allowing Additional Access to Your RDS Database


To grant authorization to your RDS database by altering your RDS Security Group and allowing (ingress) access based on either IP or EC2 Security Group.


  • Already created RDS Security Group
  • Already created EC2 Security Group (if specifying an EC2 Security Group to your RDS DB Security Group)


Once you create an RDS Security Group, you can add a CIDR IP or standard EC2 Security group to it.  You cannot add both.

  • You can add IP ranges in CIDR block format if the application using your database is running on the Internet.
  • Add standard EC2 security groups if the application using the database is running on EC2 instances.


Step 1: Navigation

  • Navigate to Clouds -> AWS US -> RDS Security Groups
  • Select the Security group you want to add to

Step 2: Adding CIDR IP or EC2 Security Group

Reminder:  You can only add one or the other, not both a CIDR IP and EC2 Security Group

  • Select the Add CIDR IP action button
    • Specify the CIDR IP in the following format: (example.
  • Select the Add EC2 Group action button
    • Specify the owner of the existing EC2 Security Group
    • Specify the name of the existing EC2 Security Group
    • Tip:  You can get the AWS Owner ID and Security Group name here:  Clouds -> AWS US -> Security Groups
  • Select the Add action button to save your changes
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