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RDS Instances

Important! The concepts and actions within this RDS section will be deprecated soon in favor of our new RDS browser (currently in Beta). For more details on the new browser, see the RDS (Beta) page and it's sub-pages.


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Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that that allows you to quickly create a relational database instance in the cloud. Amazon RDS manages the database instance on your behalf by performing backups, handling failover, and maintaining the database software. Amazon RDS is currently in Beta.

RightScale supports Amazon RDS as part of our overall management platform. Customers can choose to either use Amazon RDS (MySQL or Oracle) or our own MySQL solution. Before you can use Amazon RDS, you will need to sign-up for the service.


  • Name - unique name/identifier for the RDS instance.
  • Engine- The version of the MySQL or Oracle engine of the RDS Instance.
  • RDS Subnet Group- The group of RDS Subnets for the VPC.
  • Availability Zone- The availability zone into which the RDS Instance will be created and launched.
  • Multi-AZ- Indicates that the RDS Instance will be used in a multiple availability zone configuration.
  • Instance class- If you selected a different instance type, the existing instance will be terminated and new RDS instance will be launched.
  • Storage- storage size in GBs for the instance that will be allocated for storing data.
  • Source instance- If the instance is a Read Replica, it will list the name of the source DB instance.
  • Status- The status of the RDS Instance (creating, modifying, available, rebooting, deleting). An RDS Instance will only be accessible when its status is 'available'.

Action Buttons

  • New RDS Instance- Create a new RDS instance.
Clouds > AWS Region > RDS Instances
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