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Edit an AWS Elastic Load Balancer Configuration


Edit the configuration of an AWS Elastic Load Balancer in the RightScale Dashboard


EC2 credentials, and a previously created AWS Elastic Load Balancer


There are several ways you can modify your load balancer's configuration that will affect the way it operates. One of the more common edits you can perform from the Dashboard is changing (adding to or deleting from) the Availability Zones your load balancer distributes traffic in.


  1. Navigate to Clouds > AWS Region > Load Balancing
  2. Select the correct LoadBalancerName link
  3. You will be given the option to modify these areas:
    • Info - This section displays the DNS Name of the LB and the Availability Zone(s) associated to the LB. You can edit this section to modify the zones the LB should service traffic in. 
    • Health Check - Based on the information configured in this section, ELB routinely checks the health of the load balancer within an AWS instance. You can specify either TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, or SSL and a valid port between one and 65535. The default is TCP:80. Additionally, you can specify the following:
      • Response Timeout - Time to wait when receiving a response from the health check (between two and 60 seconds)
      • Health Check Interval - Amount of time between health checks (0.1 min. to 5 min.)
      • Unhealthy Threshold - Number of consecutive health check failures before an instance is declared as unhealthy (two to 10)
      • Healthy Threshold - Number of consecutive health check successes before an instance is declared as healthy (two to 10)
    • Instance(s) - You can view current instances associated to your LB and add instances to your LB.
    • Listener(s) - You can view current listeners associated to your LB and add new listeners to your LB.

Note: Consult the AWS documentation for additional information. (Our default values align with AWS and the above values could possibly become dated over time.)

After editing one of all of these sections, don't forget to Save your changes.

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To view the current configuration of your load balancer, navigate to:

Clouds > AWS Region > Load Balancing > LoadBalancerName

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