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Test a Custom RightImage (AMI)

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To perform a functional test on a custom AMI that was built following the Create a Custom RightImage (AMI) tutorial.

Table of Contents



  1. Create a MultiCloud Image for the custom AMI that you previously created. In order to test the custom RightImage, you will need to create a MultiCloud Image that points to it. See Create a MultiCloud Image.
  2. The next step is to modify a ServerTemplate and use the new MultiCloud Image. For example, you could clone an existing ServerTemplate that uses one of our published MultiCloud Images that's referencing RightImages published by RightScale and swap out the MultiCloud Image with the one that uses your custom AMI. It's important to use a ServerTemplate that you know works as expected with one of our RightImages. This way, if there's a problem launching a server, you know that the custom RightImage was not built properly.
  3. It's also important that the ServerTemplate uses software repositories that are just as new as the custom image itself. Under the ServerTemplate's Scripts tab, freeze the repositories to a date that is either the same day as when the image was created or more recent.
  4. Create a new Deployment or use the Deployment that was used to create the custom AMI (e.g. Image Creator)
  5. Add a Server into the Deployment using the cloned ServerTemplate. Be sure to add the Server in the AWS region (e.g. AWS US-East) where you created the custom RightImage.
  6. Launch the Server.
  7. If the Server becomes operational, the custom RightImage has successfully passed a basic functional test. You will most likely be able to replace a ServerTemplate's MultiCloud Image with the one that uses your custom RightImage. 



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