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EBS Toolbox Runbook

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This runbook is specifically designed for customers who are using RightScale's ServerTemplates that support EBS.

  • "EBS Toolbox"  (No support for EBS Stripes)
  • "EBS Stripe Toolbox v2" and "EBS Stripe Toolbox" - 11H1

If you are looking for how to use the MySQL Toolbox ServerTemplates, see the Database Manager for MySQL Stripe Runbook.

The runbook is organized in sections corresponding to the most common situations that you may encounter when managing your EBS Volumes and Snapshots.  To resolve common problem scenarios, identify and verify your problem, and then resolve those issues with a list of suggested solution recipes.  Links to solution recipes will be listed at the end of each problem scenario.

While inexperienced operators might need to consult the solution recipes detailed instructions to resolve the situations at the beginning, more seasoned operators will be able to quickly resolve them by simply looking at their names.

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