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Delete an EBS Volume


To delete a detached EBS volume

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By default, you cannot delete an EBS Volume that is currently attached to a running instance.  Be sure to detach an EBS volume from the running instance before trying to delete an EBS Volume. 

Although not technically a prerequisite, before deleting an EBS Volume we strongly recommend you  create an EBS Snapshot as a final backup.


Although deleting an EBS volume and all its associated data may seem a bit ominous, it is not if you have been diligent to create snapshots.  The data is what is important, so keeping reliable snapshots on S3 is the key.

When an EBS volume is deleted, any references to that volume will also be deleted, including any Servers that have been configured to attach that particular volume at launch time. As a precautionary step you should also check to see which servers are referencing the volume. 


Go to Clouds -> AWS US -> EBS Volumes and select the volume that you want to delete.  Under the Servers tab you'll see if the volume is currently attached to a running server or if any other servers are configured to attach the volume at boot time.



To delete an EBS volume, go to Clouds -> AWS US -> EBS Volumes and click on a volume's delete  action icon.


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