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Share an EBS Snapshot


To share an EBS snapshot with another user or the public so that they can create an EBS volume based on your snapshot in their account. 

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To share an EBS snapshot with another user, you must know their AWS Account Number and have 'actor' role privileges on the RightScale account.


Navigate and Select

The way you share an EBS snapshot is similar to how you share other EC2 resources such as AMIs.

Navigate to the list of EBS snapshots. (Design -> AWS [region] -> EBS Snapshots)

Notice the Owner column in the table. 

  • amazon - Amazon provides a number of EBS snapshots that are available to the public.
  • me - EBS snapshots that have been created by the RightScale account you are currently viewing.  Remember, EBS snapshots are associated with an AWS Account, not an individual RightScale user.  You can only share private EBS snapshots that are "owned" by the account. 
  • [AWS Acct Number] - EBS snapshots of that AWS account that are shared with the public or specifically with your account. 


Important!  This feature was first released in October 2009.  Don't be alarmed if you see additional EBS snapshots.  You should see your own, some public snapshots from Amazon, and possibly public snapshots from others.  Eventually, you will also see snapshots that were explicitly shared by others with your (AWS) account.  You can always "filter by owner=me" in the filter drop down to remove any extra clutter.  Also note that you have additional privileges in the Actions column associated with your own snapshots. For example, you can delete your snapshots, but not others.

Select an EBS snapshot (owner = me) that you want to share.  Users will see all EBS snapshots that are available to them.  As a result, it can be difficult for a user to find a particular shared snapshot.

It's recommended that you add a descriptive tag or nickname so that the snapshot will be easier to find.  Otherwise, you can provide them with the AWS Account Number associated with the RightScale account from which you're sharing the snapshot and they can filter by owner and enter the AWS Account Number (e.g. 1925-1925-1925).   The AWS Acct Number of the RightScale account is also listed as a convenience.


Share a Snapshot

Under the "Snapshot Sharing" section, enter the AWS Account Number of whom you want to share the snapshot with (e.g. 1234-1234-1234).  Once you click the Add button, the snapshot will automatically appear in the recipient's list of available EBS snapshots of that EC2 region.  (EBS Snapshots are EC2 region specific.)  They can either use the filter to search for your snapshot by using either a nickname, tag, or your AWS Acct Number.   The recipient will be able to use the shared EBS snapshot to create EBS volumes.

To make the snapshot available to the public, click the make snapshot public button.


Revoke a Shared Snapshot

To unshare a previously shared snapshot, you can either click the make snapshot private to revoke all sharing privileges or select a specific account you wish to remove access from and click the revoke button.



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