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Register an EBS Snapshot as an EC2 Image (AMI)


To create an EBS-backed AMI by registering one of your own EBS Snapshots as a bootable EC2 machine image (AMI) so that you can "boot from EBS" (i.e. use this snapshot to launch an instance).  The EBS-backed AMI will be used to launch in EC2 instance that uses an Amazon EBS volume as its root device.

Note: After you create the AMI, you will need to create an MCI that references the new snapshot AMI so that you can use it to launch servers with ServerTemplates.

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  • 'actor' user role privileges
  • an EBS Snapshot that you own


Go to an EBS Snapshot that you want to regsister as an EC2 Image.  Clouds -> AWS Region -> EBS Snapshots -> YourSnapshot

Click the Register EBS Image action button.

When you register an EBS Snapshot as an EC2 image, a new EBS Snapshot will be created.

Provide the following information:

  • Name - Provide a name for the new EBS Snapshot.  It will be the name of the Snapshot and AMI
  • Description - Description for the image.
  • Architecture - Select the system architecture.
    • i386 - 32-bit image for micro, small, and medium instance types
    • x86_64 - 64-bit image for micro, large and above instance types
  • Virtualization type - The type of virtualization that will be used on the instance.
    • PVM - paravirtualization; used for standard Linux/UNIX EC2 images
    • HVM - hardware virutalization; used for Windows EC2 images
      • Note: Registration of an HVM type image is not supported by AWS.
  • Kernel image - (optional) Specify the kernel image that will be used by the instance.
  • Ramdisk image - (optional) Specifythe kernel image that will be used by the instance.
  • Root device name - The name of the root device where the created EBS volume (of the Snapshot AMI) will be mounted on the instance.  (e.g. /dev/sda1)
  • Root volume size (GB) - Specify the desired size of the volume that will be created from the Snapshot AMI.  If left blank, a volume that matches the size of the Snapshot will be created.
  • Delete Volume on termination - If checked, the created and mounted volume will automatically be deleted when the instance is terminated.  If unchecked, the volume will be detached, but not deleted when the instane is terminated.
  • Ephermeral drive(s) -

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