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Run S3 Analysis


To run analysis on a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket.   




After you create an S3 Bucket and upload files, you can run analysis on the bucket. 

Run Analysis

  • Navigate to Clouds > AWS Global > S3 Browser. Select a bucket.
  • Once in the bucket, click on the Analysis tab.
  • Click Run analysis.

View Analysis

Each time you click the Run analysis button, you are generating a report. Your reports are saved and stored in the Analysis tab by month and year. Click on a month to uncollapse all the reports available from that timeframe.

Your report displays the following information for the entire bucket:

  • Total objects: this is the number of objects stored in the bucket, e.g., images, snapshots etc.
  • Total size: this is the total size of the collective objects stored in your bucket.
  • Started at: this is the timestamp for when the analysis was run.
  • Completed at: this is the timestamp for when the analysis completed.

For each section you may:

  • Change the sorting of the columns by clicking the column title.
  • Enter filter terms in the filter box. Filtering by any characters displayed in the list will return results, e.g., "2007" or "25" or "MiB".
  • Download this section of the report as a CSV by clicking "Download as CSV" hyperlink at the bottom left corner of the window.
  • Collapse sections you would like to hide.

Usage by Month

With the "Usage by Month" section you have the option of viewing usage by Month, Number of Files and Total Size. Use the settings icon in the upper right corner of your Usage by Month window to determine which columns you want to view. You may view the Number of Files and Total Size of the bucket for each Month of the bucket's existence.

Usage by Size

With the "Usage by Size" section you have the option of viewing usage by Size and Number of Files. The Size column in this section specifies the ranges of MiB and the Number of Files that exist for each range.

Usage by Prefix

With the "Usage by Prefix" section you have the option of viewing usage by Prefix and Size. The Prefix column specifies the folder names within your bucket. The Size specifies the total size of the contents of the folder.

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