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A comprehensive list of Amazon SQS queues associated with this account is displayed.

If you see an "Access to SQS queues is currently disabled for this account" message and you want to use Amazon's Simple Queue Service, select the Enable action button. Enabling queues for your account may take 5-10 seconds. Once enabled, you will see the following information in table form:

  • Name - A nickname for the SQS queue. Similar to S3 bucket names, SQS queue names must be unique.
  • API Gen - The queue's API generation (Gen1 or Gen2). If you are still using Gen1 SQS Queues see the important note on Simple Queue Service
  • Approx Length - The approximate length of the queue in terms of the number of items.
  • Visibility Timeout - Specifies the time in seconds that a job will remain hidden before it becomes available to other worker instances.
  • Actions - Clear (remove all) messages in the queue or delete the queue.


  • Enable - Once you've logged into your AWS account and signed up for the SQS service, you can click the Enable button to have RightScale re-query AWS for your supported cloud services. You will only be able to create an SQS queue once RightScale can validate your subscription for this service.
  • New Queue - Create a new SQS queue.
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Note: Although this feature is still functional, there have been new enhancements to the SQS UI in a different location on the Dashboard. The new UI is currently in beta. For more information, see SQS Queue Beta or contact

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