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Create a New SQS Queue


Create a new Amazon Web Services Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue using the RightScale Dashboard. 

Note: Although this feature is still functional, there have been new enhancements to the SQS UI in a different location on the Dashboard. The new UI is currently in beta. For more information, see SQS Queue Beta or contact

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The following are prerequisites for completing this tutorial:

  • AWS and RightScale account credentials, etc.
  • SQS must be "enabled".  From the Dashboard (Clouds -> AWS Global -> Queues), if not yet enabled select the "Enable" action button.  This typically takes 5-10 seconds to enable your account for SQS.


The RightScale Dashboard makes creating and managing AWS SQS queues very simple.  Follow this tutorial to configure a Queue from scratch.


  • Navigate to Clouds -> AWS Global -> Queues
  • Select the New action button
  • Fill out the following fields:
    • Queue Name - The name should alphanumeric and unique, without spaces.  If you enter an illegal Queue name, you will get an error message similar to:
InvalidParameterValue: Can only include alphanumeric characters, hyphens, or underscores. 1 to 80 in length
  • API Generation - The default is 2.  It is not recommended to use API Gen 1, as Amazon has plans to end of life support for the prior generation.
  • Visibility - Default is 30.  This is a sensible default for most applications and you probably don't need to change it.
  • Select the Create action button when ready.


Post Tutorial Steps

General Queue Info

  • If your queue created successfully, you will be placed in the Info tab of your new Queue.  Generic information about your queue is displayed.  It's that easy.

Deleting your Queue

  • There are two ways to Delete your queue:
    • Select the Delete action icon in line with the queue from Clouds -> AWS Global -> Queues
    • Select the Delete action button from the specific queues Info tab
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