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View CloudFront Origin Access Identities

Table of Contents


To view an individual or all CloudFront Origin Access Identities

Table of Contents


AWS Account with the CloudFront Services enabled and Origin Access Identities created.


  • Navigate to Clouds -> AWS Global -> CF Origin Acess Identities (OAI)
    • All Origin Access Identities are displayed
  • Select an individual OAI to drill down on the details of a specific OAI.  For example, the following information is displayed:

Below is more detailed information about your CloudFront Origin Access Identity.

  • Name - A RightScale-specific name for the OAI.
  • ID - A unique virtual identity that's used to give your distribution permission to fetch a private object from your origin server S3 bucket.
  • S3 Canonical User ID - The User ID that's used to grant your OAI permission to access the objects you want to deliver as private content.
  • Caller Reference - The is a unique value that's designed to prevent accidental replays of your request.
  • Comment - Provide a description or notes about the OAI.
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