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Using RightScale's Open Source Cookbooks


To understand how to leverage RightScale's Open Source Cookbooks for accelerated test and development purposes.



In an effort to promote community involvement and innovation on the RightScale platform, we've launched a public repository of RightScale's Open Source Cookbooks. The goal of the project is to help facilitate accelerated development amongst the RightScale user community, particularly those interested in developing ServerTemplates using Chef.



Fork RightScale's Open Source Cookbook Repository

  1. Log into your GitHub account and go to
  2. Click the Fork Repo link in the upper-right corner.


Add a Repository

Create a Repository object that points to your forked version of RightScale's Open Source cookbook repository and import all of its cookbooks.

  1. Go to Design -> Repositories. Click Add Repository.   Provide a nickname for the new repository path. (Ex: My Fork of RS OSS) See Add a Repository

Modify a ServerTemplate

Now that you've imported the cookbooks from the forked repository you can add any of them to an editable HEAD version of a ServerTemplate. 

  1. Go to the Scripts tab of an editable HEAD version of a ServerTemplate and click Modify.
  2. Click Attach Cookbooks and add cookbooks from your forked repository.
  3. Add Chef recipes from any of the newly attached cookbooks into the desired boot/operational/decommission section.

Develop, Test, Share!

You now have a Chef test bench for developing and testing new Chef cookbooks and recipes of your own.  When you've developed new Chef recipes that you think would benefit other Chef users in the RightScale community, we encourage you to submit them so that they can be merged into the main tree so that other users don't have to "recreate the wheel" themselves.  

To submit your Chef cookbooks and recipes, perform a Pull Request from your forked repository on GitHub.


Be sure to check out our forum for recent news and submissions!  Forum: Open Source RightScale Cookbooks

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