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RightScale Chef Cookbook Repositories

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RightScale actively uses GitHub for hosting our Chef cookbook repositories that are used by our published ServerTemplates.


Below is a list of the most relevant cookbook repositories in RightScale's GitHub account.

  • rightscale/cookbooks 
    A forked cookbook repository of opscode/cookbooks that are used by all RightScale ServerTemplates.  It's necessary for RightScale to use a forked version of that repository in order to maintain a stable branch for development and test purposes.
  • rightscale/rightscale_cookbooks
    Consolidated ('public-read') repository that includes the content that was previously found in the 'rightscale/cookbooks_public' and 'rightscale/cookbooks_premium' repositories. This repository is used by all LTS and infinity ServerTemplate releases published by RightScale.
  • rightscale/rs_chef_training
    A cookbook repository that includes a few cookbooks and recipes that are used by some of the Chef getting started tutorials.


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