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How to Upgrade to the Latest vScale Appliance

How to Upgrade to the Latest Package

For a fresh deployment, you can install the RCA-V 1.2 appliance using the instructions in the Installation Guide. The latest version of the appliance can be downloaded from here.


It is also possible to “field-upgrade” the application packages (vscale-admin and vscale) contained in the appliance. For customers on RCA-V v1.1 who are unable to deploy a fresh appliance, this is the easier path.


Use the following steps to perform the upgrade:

  1. Using the RCA-V Admin UI, navigate to RightScale Platform -> Admin Interface and click Upgrade.
  2. Download the latest vscale-admin package (in the format vscale-admin_1.2_YYYYMMDD_buildrev).
  3. Activate the package that you just downloaded using the Activate button.
  4. Navigate to the vCenter link on the left navigation column.
  5. Click Upgrade in the Cloud Appliance (vScale) card.
  6. Download the latest vscale package (vscale_1.2_YYYYMMDD_buildrev).
  7. Activate the package that you just downloaded using Activate button.
  8. Before and after each component update, it is recommended to reload the browser (clearing the browser cache is preferred) for the new changes to take effect
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