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What is Rackspace ServiceNet and how can I use it?

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This article aims to explain what Rackspace ServiceNet is and how it is used.


Rackspace ServiceNet is a free service offered by Rackspace that allows for free, quick and efficient transfers between Rackspace Cloud Servers and Rackspace Cloud Files. It's a complimentary service offered by Rackspace, and it should be enabled on any new/existing Rackspace accounts by default.

NOTE: Some extremely old Rackspace accounts may need to have this service enabled. In order to do so, you may need to contact Rackspace directly to get this feature enabled on your account.

Rackspace accomplishes this by using it's Cloud server's internal IP address/interface. This interface can be found fairly easily using a Linux or Windows cloud server -

ifconfig eth1
Using this command on a Linux server should result in your private interface details, including it's private IP address.
The only other thing you may need to do to enable ServiceNet on your cloud server is to export an environment variable, like so -
IMPORTANT: If you experience errors when transferring data using service net/cloud files/cloud servers, you will want to ensure that your cloud files and your cloud servers are in the SAME RACKSPACE DATACENTER/REGION. ServiceNet will not work between regions such as Chicago (ORD1) to Texas (DFW1))
ServiceNet URLs are the exact same as their public counterpart, with the exception that they have 'snet' prepended to the beginning. For example, a public cloud file URL may look like this -
and the ServiceNet version looks like this -
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