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(WIP) How do I verify whether my Rackspace environment supports SNET?

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If you use Rackspace for your database servers and backup storage (i.e., Cloud Files) then, by default, storage-related Chef recipes will use Rackspace Service Net (SNET), Rackspace's internal private networking service, for communications between your servers and Cloud Files. If this is not appropriate for your Rackspace environment, you must set the "Rackspace SNET Enabled for Backup" input to false.


If you are taking a backup of the database on a Rackspace Cloud Server and storing the backup to a Cloud Files container, it's important that the cloud server and Cloud Files container are in the same data center in order to take advantage of faster backups with SNET. 

  • Check the location of the Cloud Server - Log into the RackspaceCloud console ( and go to Hosting -> Cloud Servers.  Check the "Datacenter" column for the server.  (e.g. ORD1)
  • Check the location of the Cloud Files container - Create and run the following script using the sample code below to check the location of your database files in Cloud Files.  The code assumes that you have credentials for your Rackspace cloud credentials (RACKSPACE_AUTH_KEY, RACKSPACE_USERNAME).  When you add the code to the "Script" text field, click the Identify button and uncheck all of the recognized inputs and save the script.

eval $(curl -s  -X "GET" -D - \
  -H "X-Auth-Key:$API_KEY" \
  -H "X-Auth-User:$USER" \
       | gawk '$1=="X-Storage-Token:" { sub(/\r/,"",$2);printf("TOKEN=\"%s\"\n",$2); }
                                    $1=="X-Storage-Url:" { sub(/\r/,"",$2);printf("URL=\"%s\"\n",$2) }')
echo $URL | cut -d '.' -f 2
The output of the script will show datacenter location. In the example below, 'dfw1' is the name of the datacenter.
*RS>               RightScript: 'rax: cloud container check'                ****
16:43:52: dfw1
16:43:52: Script exit status: 0
16:43:52: Script duration: 0.754186
*RS> Duration: 2.69 seconds
16:43:52: Chef Run complete in 0.76682 seconds
*RS> completed: rax: cloud container check
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