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Can I use block storage with Rackspace?

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This article aims to explain Rackspace block devices.


Rackspace currently does not support any block device type storage for their cloud servers yet. Each cloud server in Rackspace will be given a specific amount of ephemeral/local storage, however we may see a block storage service for Rackspace sometime in the future. We don't have an ETA on this for the time being.

If you are using some RightScale tools, such as our Storage Toolbox server template, you'll notice that it states it's compatible with Rackspace. When using various scripts or recipes in this toolbox, if you are working with Rackspace we will *not* magically create a block storage device, but rather we will create an LVM volume out of the pre-existing Rackspace ephemeral/temporary storage assigned to the cloud server (usually unpartitioned and unformatted leftover storage).

If you are interested in this feature in the future, we highly recommend voting for it on Rackspace's feedback tracker here -

Alternatively, they have a survey for block storage needs also, located here -

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