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Set up OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)


To set up OpenStack (Swift) Object Storage so that you can create containers for storing data such as images, database dump files, and database backups. 


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Create Object Storage Credentials

Cloud credentials are required to upload objects to an object storage container or retrieve "private" objects. If you are using ServerTemplates published by RightScale, many of them contain scripts for interacting with various remote object storage services. Before you start setting up deployments you should create user-defined credentials to securely pass the required cloud credentials for OpenStack (Swift) Object Storage.

  1. Contact the OpenStack cloud's "cloud administrator" and request access to use the cloud's Swift-based object storage. The cloud administrator will most likely create a new username and password that the RightScale account will use to interact with Swift. You will need the following information in order to create the necessary credentials.
    • Tenant ID
    • Username
    • Password
  2. Log into the RightScale Dashboard and go to Design > Credentials > New
  3. Create two new credentials with the following names and values.
    • SWIFT_ACCOUNT_ID - The OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Account ID. The account ID is comprised of the tenant ID and username (tenantID:username).  (e.g. OSOS123456-1:myName)
    • SWIFT_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD - The matching password of the specified OpenStack username. (e.g. myPa$$word!)
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