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Quick Start

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  1. View our support overview for OpenStack: OpenStack
  2. Refer to the OpenStack architecture we built and test against: OpenStack Reference Architecture
  3. Refer to our list of prerequisites for configuring your OpenStack private cloud with RightScale: OpenStack Configuration Prerequisites
  4. Register your OpenStack private cloud with a RightScale account: Register an OpenStack Private Cloud with RightScale
  5. Add a registered OpenStack private cloud to a RightScale account: Add an OpenStack Private Cloud to a RightScale Account
  6. Upload RightScale RightImages to your OpenStack private cloud: Upload RightImages to an OpenStack Private Cloud
  7. Once you create a RightLink-enabled Image with RightScale, you must create a MultiCloud Image that points to that image. Then tag the MCI so RightScale recognizes it as an image with RightLink installed: Create a MultiCloud Image
  8. Once you create an MCI, you can use it in your ServerTemplates: Add a MultiCloud Image to a ServerTemplate
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