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Create a New HP Object Storage Container

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To create a new container in HP's Object Storage service.


  • Login access to the HP Cloud Console.


  1. Log into the HP Cloud Console. (
  2. Select the region of your HP Cloud's Object Storage container. (e.g. US West)
  3. Depending on whether you want the objects in the container to be publicly available, select the appropriate type of ROS container. For example, if you are creating a container for storing database backups, you should create a private (not public) container.
  4. Enter a valid name for the container. It's recommended that you use lowercase letters and dashes (-) for spaces between words. (e.g. my-project). Unlike other object storage services like Amazon S3, you do not have to pick a name that is globally unique across all container names in HP's Object Storage service. However, container names must be unique within the same cloud account.  
  5. If desired, click the Enable CDN button to activate the CDN service for this particular container. See Activating CDN for your Object Storage for details.
  6. Click Create.
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