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Add an HP Cloud to a RightScale Account

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Register your HP cloud account with RightScale so that you can use the Dashboard to manage your HP cloud resources. 


  • If you do not have a HP cloud cloud account, you must sign-up and create an account before you can complete this tutorial.
  • In order to add HP cloud, you must be an 'admin' user of the RightScale account.
  • Currently, only AZ1 is supported for HP. You must enable the AZ1 zone and use that to register to RightScale.


Connect to Cloud

After logging into the Dashboard, go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds.  Click Connect to a Cloud.


Next, click the (+) icon next to HP.


Enter Credentials

Next, enter your HP cloud cloud credentials. You will need to enter your credentials and click Continue.


  • Tenant ID: the ID found in your HP cloud console. See the next section for instructions to retrieve your Tenant ID.
  • Username: the HP username used to login to the HP console.
  • Password: the password used to login to the HP console.

Obtain Tenant ID

To acquire your Tenant ID, you will need to log into the HP Dashboard:



After logging into the HP dashboard, obtain the Tenant ID by navigating to API Keys > Project/Tenant ID.





Once all of the information is entered, click Continue and you should receive a confirmation page that you successfully added HP to your RightScale account.

Once you allow access, you will see that the HP cloud is enabled under the Clouds tab. You will now see all of your HP cloud resources under the Clouds menu (CloudsHP).

Check the cloud status

On the same Clouds tab or on the Cloud Credentials widget in the Overview tab, you may check the status of your cloud.

Both of these items must be valid and active (green) in order to successfully launch cloud servers:


Next Steps

Allow RightScale several minutes to populate your account with the appropriate images before launching servers. In the RightScale Dashboard, navigate to Clouds HP > Images where RightScale queries every few minutes for the images.

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