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Create a Google Volume


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Use RightScale volumes to attach Google disks. Create a volume, specify the fields, and attach. You can create a persistent disk volume (either standard or SSD) where data are retained even if your instance suffers a failure or is taken offline. Or, you can create a non-persistent local SSD volume providing extreme low latency, high IOPS, and high throughput. Local SSD is optimal for scratch data or large, high-performance databases. The volume you create will be attached, but will be unformatted. You will need to format and mount the disk using the information here.


  1. Navigate to Clouds > Google > Volumes > New
  2. Specify the following fields:
    • Name: a unique name for your volume.
    • Description: a meaningful description for your volume.
    • Datacenter / Zone: the zone where you want to create your volume. The zone you select must be compatible with the server that you want to attach it to.
    • Attach to: Select the server you want to attach the new volume to.
    • Device: Select the device name for the new volume.
    • Volume Type: Specify pd-standard, pd-ssd, or local-ssd as the volume type.
    • Size in GB: the size in GB of the volume you would like to create. Currently, the default limit is 100GB total per account. To increase this limit, contact Google support.




  1. Click Create. You will see a message indicating your volume was successfully created:
  2. Navigate to the volume you just created.




  1. Click Attach on boot.
  2. Specify the following fields:
    • to Server: select the server to attach the volume on boot.
    • as device: select the type of "disk" device for your volume.




  1. Click Schedule to queue the actions and settings for your volume to attach when the specified server boots.
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