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 icon-Beta-v1.png  Service-level response times are the same as for general-release features. Although this new feature/technology has undergone significant testing and is not expected to change significantly prior to general release, the use of this feature/technology is not recommended for production environments. You are encouraged to use this feature/technology for development and testing purposes only. 

Table of Contents

About Datapipe

Datapipe offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data centers. Datapipe Managed Cloud is an all-inclusive managed services offering that provides elastic infrastructure.

Note: Please contact sales for more information about using this cloud with your RightScale account. More RightScale assets for this cloud will be released in the coming weeks.

RightScale Support for Datapipe


Supported Features

  • Alerts
  • Arrays
  • Datacenters / Zones
  • Firewalls (Security Groups)
  • Hybrid Hosting*
  • Images
  • Instance Types
  • Instances
  • IP Addresses
  • Monitoring
  • Managed SSH
  • Port Forwarding
  • RightLink
  • Rules
  • ServerTemplates
  • Static IPs
  • Subnets
  • Users and Accounts
  • Usage and Costs
  • Volumes
  • Volume Types
  • Volume Snapshots

* With Hybrid Hosting, you can use Stratosphere, Datapipe Managed Hosting, and AWS Direct Connect.

Supported Clouds

  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Silicon Valley
  • Shanghai

Supported RightScale Objects

Machine Images
  • RightImage_CentOS_5.4_x64_v5.6.34
  • RightImage_CentOS_5.6_x64_v5.7.14
  • RightImage_CentOS_5.4_x64_v5.7.14.1-KVM
  • RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v5.7.20-KVM
  • RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_sqlsrv2k8r2_v5.7.20-KVM
  • RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_v5.7.20-KVM
Published ServerTemplates
  • Tomcat App Server
  • Apache-Rails-Passenger App Server
  • PHP App Server
  • Load Balancer

Known Issues and Limitations

HPC instance type for Shanghai

If the default instance type selected is type --hpc, the instance will not launch on Datapipe Sanghai. A 'list instance type' request to the cloud, returns '--hpc', which is what also is displayed in the RightScale Dashboard. And in the Datapipe dashboard, --hpc options are seen, with the behavior in the RightScale Dashboard. However, Datapipe Sanghai does not support hpc, so make sure not to choose an hpc option. 

Failures with nano-h-5 instances

Monitoring and reconnecting to load balancers are both failing with nano-h-5 instances. However, this should not be an issue with the next size of instance, nano-h-10.

Truncated tags

On the Server Details tab when adding a server in Datapipe, long tags are truncated. Also, tags are not visible on the deployment page for running servers.

Single public IP

Currently Datapipe's cloud offerings only assign a single public IP address to each cloud instance. For more information see this page

To report any bugs related to RightScale Datapipe support, please raise a support ticket from the Dashboard or email

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