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Create an EBS Provisioned IOPS Volume From a Snapshot


To create an EBS Volume from an EBS Snapshot

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A snapshot created from an EBS Standard volume stored in an accessible S3 bucket.


Amazon's Elastic Block Storage (EBS) allows for block level storage to be created for use with Amazon EC2 Instances. With an EBS volume, you can create a snapshot to reference a particular point in time of a volume. There are several scenarios where you might need to create an EBS volume from a snapshot.  One is because you might need the data on the volume to be accessed by more than one Server instance.  Currently, you can only mount an EBS volume to one instance at a time.  Another is if you are moving your application's permanent storage from S3 to EBS. 

When creating an EBS volume, there are two EBS volume types to be aware of: Standard and Provisioned IOPS. A Standard volume is best suited for boot volumes and provides roughly 100 IOPS (Input/Output Per Second) on average. Provisioned IOPS volumes are designed to provide predictable, high performance I/O workloads that range up to 4000 IOPS and are best suited for database workloads. This tutorial shows you how to create an EBS Provisioned IOPS Volume from a Snapshot. For information about creating an EBS Standard from a Snapshot, see Create an EBS Standard Volume from an EBS Snapshot.

EBS volumes and snapshots are EC2 region-specific.  You cannot use a volume/snapshot that you created in EC2-US in a different region like EC2-EU. This tutorial assumes you are creating an EBS volume from a snapshot in the EC2-US region.


Go to Clouds > AWS Region > EBS Snapshots and select a snapshot. Click the Create Volume from Snapshot button from a Snapshot's homepage.



By default, the nickname of the volume will be identical to the name of the EBS Snapshot.  Be sure to specify the availability zone where you want to create the new volume.

Warning: You will not be able to change the volume's availability zone once it's been created. 

The Size in GB of a Provisioned IOPS volume must be at least 10GB in size. When the Type is set to 'io1', the IOPS field displays. This option defines the Input/Output Per Second rate that you would like to provision for the volume. The IOPS to volume size ratio can be a maximum of 30 IOPS/GB. Therefore, if the Size in GB is 10GB, the highest the IOPS value can be set to is 300. The range to create a Provisioned IOPS volume is is 300 IOPS and 10GB up to 4,000 IOPS and 133GB. 



Note: When you select Provisioned IOPS volumes, you are charged by the amount you provision in GB per month as well as the amount you provision in IOPS. For more information about EBS pricing, see Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Pricing.

Click the Create button.

A confirmation window will display some basic information about the new volume and also allow you to attach it to an instance.


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